Birth with Mother Earth

Ancient wisdom to nurture modern mammas: time-tested Āyurvedic tools for pregnancy, birth and the fourth trimester. Bodywork, nutrition and a healthy dose of unapologetic self-care to transform parenting into a sacred ritual.

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Other Birthers Tried It Out

"I chose Sacred Nutrition add-on to my (virtual) Postpartum Care Plan and I can't recommend it enough! I followed it religiously for the first 21 days and always fall back on it when there is discomfort in my bowels or the perineum. It's almost like it reversed the IBS I suffered from since I was a young girl!"

- Camilla, mother of 2 (Milan)

"I was wired, especially the first few days after birth. Deborah would come in with such a yin energy - she intuitively felt what I needed the most. Especially the Perineum Care and the Belly Bind were heavenly!"

- Eve, first-time mama (London)

"Looking back on my first birth, I decided I wanted all the help I could get with my second daughter. The postpartum prep and the care at home opened up a whole new world for me! I feel much happier in my skin and thankful for my body.”

- Jazz, mother of 2 (London)

”The bodywork, including the set of DIY hacks offered a complete nervous system reset every time I applied them.”

- Cheyenne, first-time mama (Berlin)

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