Ayurvedic Doula Care

at your home

Ayurveda refers to the first 42 days after birth as "Body Time".

Body Time, or Kayakalpa in Sanskrit, is derived from a regenerating series of treatments traditionally offered to the royalty to help them flow through significant transitions in their lives. In the Postpartum context, it secludes 6 weeks for bonding, nourishment, healing and ritual for a blessed start to your family's new chapter.

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The Ritual of Ayurveda

What to Expect

Prenatal Assessment and weekly check-ins (week 34+)

Herbal Beverages & Elixirs

Massage Oils, freshly prepared for you

Abhyanga and Marma Massage

Medicinal Nutrition Planning

Perineum Healing with Herbs

Ritual to honour the Birth Body

Belly Wrapping

Ayurvedic Self-Care right from the start of this new chapter in mum-hood to keep your cup full (as you can't pour from an empty cup. Cliche, but true).

3 ways to receive Postpartum Healing

Single Visit

2hr+, £300

A pamper session to support the new mamma beyond our time together.

  • Postnatal Dosha Assessment
  • Tailored Aromatic Oil Massage
  • Birth Body Release
  • Belly Binding
  • Ongoing lifestyle support via personal self-care dashboard


the first 42 days

immersive care packages starting at £1260

Choose from 3 postpartum care packages to create your sacred 4th trimester.


Taster In-Studio

2 hours, £250

For mamma's who crave 90 minutes for themselves. Ideal during the first 42 days, to close off the 4th Trimester or any time up to a decade after pregnancy to acknowledge your body's sacred efforts.

  • Ayurvedic massage with freshly prepared herbal oil, after which I bind your belly and gift you a Yoni Serum. Bliss guaranteed.


Introductory Call

Interested to immerse into your 4th Trimester with Ayurveda? Your Introductory Call is on me. Schedule it well before your due date, and ask me anything to get clarity. There's time to discuss payment plans, too.

No strings attached.

Meet Your Doula:

Deborah Rose

I am a mother and Ayurvedic Women's Health Guide with a BIG passion for holistic Pregnancy & Postpartum well-being. The Self Healing Arts of Ayurveda are central in my work, which helps me guide you to your greatest inner wisdom and strength as a womban.


I thank my teachers Dr Vasant Lad, Dr KP Khalsa, Dr Marc Halpen, Terra Rafaël and the women of the Sacred Window Collective who educated me in the Light of the Maharishi Tradition as taught by Ysha Oaks. I continue to deepen my insights in continued education with NAMA.


Other Birthers Tried It Out

"I chose Sacred Nutrition add-on to my (virtual) Postpartum Care Plan and I can't recommend it enough! I followed it religiously for the first 21 days and always fall back on it when there is discomfort in my bowels or the perineum. It's almost like it reversed the IBS I suffered from since I was a young girl!"

- Camilla, mother of 2 (Milan)

"I was wired, especially the first few days after birth. Deborah would come in with such a yin energy - she intuitively felt what I needed the most. Especially the Perineum Care and the Belly Bind were heavenly!"

- Eve, first-time mama (London)

"Looking back on my first birth, I decided I wanted all the help I could get with my second daughter. The postpartum prep and the care at home opened up a whole new world for me! I feel much happier in my skin and thankful for my body.”

- Jazz, mother of 2 (London)

”The bodywork, including the set of DIY hacks offered a complete nervous system reset every time I applied them.”

- Cheyenne, first-time mama (Berlin)

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For Ayurvedic guidance, womb ceremonies and other 1on1's, visit It's Mother Earth

To say hi or send me an inquiry, please e-mail me at deborahrose@itsmotherearth.com

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