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Deborah Rose

Welcome. If you are reading this, you are likely somewhere along your pregnancy, or someone you love will give birth soon.

You're in the right place.

After Ayurveda healed me from fertility issues - nearly a decade ago - I decided to immerse into this luscious, ancient wisdom with first lineage holders such as Dr. Vasant Lad, K.P. Khalsa and Maya Tiwari. My interest in birth work was sparked when I came across the work of Terra Rafael, a retired home birth midwife who continues to be my beloved mentor.

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I thank my teachers Dr Vasant Lad, Dr KP Khalsa, Dr Marc Halpen, Terra Rafaƫl and the women of the Sacred Window Collective who educated me in the Light of the Maharishi Tradition as taught by Ysha Oaks. I continue to deepen my insights in continued education with NAMA.

Why did you create the Birth Course?

I can't tell you how much Ayurveda's holistic, gentle and personalised strategies have helped me during my own pregnancy, birth and motherhood journey. That's why I redesigned my practice after the birth of my son to primarily serve birthers and their families. There's nearly nothing as magical as witnessing a mother stepping into her primal ability to birth, nurse, and bond. It's a true honour to hold their hand along the way.

At the same time, it saddens me that doula support is not always affordable for many families. That's why I've extracted the essence from my care packages and packaged it with journals, personalised self-care methods, and webinars so that you can immerse yourself in your journey with Ayurveda for pregnancy, birth, and postpartum healing at your own pace. And you won't be alone! We'll begin your journey together with a one-on-one Zoom session.

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Others said I have helped them turn parenthood into a sacred ritual. Personally, I just love to talk about self-care for a holistic family life.

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