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Ayurveda Single˚ Consultation

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£99 for 60 minutes


This classic Ayurvedic Consultation is an all-time favourite. People love it for two objectives:

  1. Their entry to the self-healing arts of Ayurveda. If this is your goal, you will walk out of this session knowing your unique Dosha (Mind-Body Type), and a generic guide on how to start weaving Ayurveda's luscious self-care into your daily life. Lifestyle becomes medicine.
  2. To (further) explore the root cause of any recurring health concerns, or to discover how Ayurveda can offer complementary support on their health- and well-being journey.

What to expect?

I will be in touch upon booking, so you can let me know how I can best support you at this time. Based on your objectives, you can expect to receive a tongue reading, marma feedback, and (if in-person) a pulse reading. These readings come hand-in-hand with a deep dive into your "7 Dhatus" (the seven main bodily tissues in Ayurveda). Expect questions on your bowel movements, sleep habits, body clock, menstrual cycle (if this applies), dreams, and much more.

You will walk out knowing your Dosha - or with a deeper understanding of your condition through Ayurveda's holistic lens, along with complementary healthcare options (herbal medicine, bodywork, movement, or meditation) to add to your healing journey.

Personal health areas that Ayurveda has reportedly improved:

 Gut Health


 Menstrual Health and Fertility

 Sleep Health

 Skin Health

 Energy Levels

 Skin Health

 Mental Health

Recommended for

A preventative lifestyle complementary to - or free from - conventional medicine


After purchasing this offering you will be sent a link to my calendar so you can secure your timeslot. Alternatively, book your session directly through my calendar here.


This is a virtual session + a physical product shipped to your home

Prefer this in person? There are two options:

• London-based people have the option to book a home visit at a £25 visitation charge

• Alternatively, this can be offered in-studio across the following areas: Notting Hill, Belsize Park, Hampstead Heath, Wimbledon, or South Molton Street. Together we will agree on the best day, time, and location.