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Ayurveda Single˚ Bespoke Protocol

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£89 for bespoke protocol + 30-minute guidance (virtual)


This offering can be booked as an add-on to the Ayurvedic Consultation, or as a seasonal follow-up to keep your Ayurvedic protocol up-to-date with your ever-evolving Dosha and unique wellbeing journey.

You will receive:

A playful, 100% personalised, holistic protocol that consists of herbal medicine, self-care rituals, and nutrition ideas for your Dosha, along with breath work and meditation techniques.

You will also get an invite to block 30 minutes in my calendar so we can go over your protocol and make adjustments where needed.

What to expect?

Each protocol will typically focus on three holistic tools or lifestyle adjustments so that you can easily weave it into your day-to-day. Examples are:

 A dose of your personalised herbal medicine to target specific health goals/concerns, along with a meditation specifically designed to enhance the benefits of your botanicals

 Self-Care Routine aligned with the Ayurvedic Body Clock

 Nutritional adjustments for your Dosha

 Skincare Routine and Self-Massage Techniques

 Journal Practice

 Experiences: learn how to make your own herbalised oil, a medicinal tea, ceremonial grade Ghee, etc.

 Ritual in alignment with the Moon

Recommended for

A preventative lifestyle complementary to - or free from - conventional medicine


After purchasing this offering you will be sent a link to my calendar so you can secure your timeslot. Alternatively, book your session directly through my calendar here.


This is a virtual session.