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Bespoke Herbal Medicine

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£89 for 30 minutes + herbal medicine jar filled with your ceremonial grade tailored herbal blend shipped to your home. Choose drops, powder, or medicated ghee/honey.


Love all things natural, and want to prevent conventional medicine in your well-being journey? Love Ayurveda but you can't quite commit to lifestyle changes at the moment?

*Botanicals are your allies*. They function as the bridge between life as it is and the life you'd love to live by adjusting the elements from within.


When you take herbs or supplements orally, their healing components all have to pass your digestive tract. By welcoming them into your body, they eventually become your body. First, it has to be digested. Then, a part will be absorbed and a part will be flushed out. How much will be absorbed, and what their components look like after mixing with your enzymic juices, depends on your unique digestive profile and Mind-Body Type.


To ensure absorption and align the ingredients with your body's preferences, I will tailor your blend to your unique Mind-Body Type and digestive profile. The potency of your blend is optimised by working with freshly ground ingredients only, harvested from ethical, environmental-friendly, small, local farms. Each individual ingredient is handpicked to enhance the effectiveness of the other herbs in the blend.

And because Ayurveda believes in interconnectedness and all we do boils down to energy - I follow a ceremonial process, with your wishes and needs in mind, whilst preparing your blend. All herbs are tuned to Ohm and placed in a bowl with an ethically sourced crystal that aligns with their frequency to optimise their healing power and counterbalance any negative energy that they may have encountered throughout the process.

Who is this for?

My blends have helped:

 Kids: Support the digestive system, immune health, skin health and relaxation

 Heal IBS

 Reduce anxiety

 Decrease the signs and symptoms of seasonal allergies

 Heal the menstrual cycle

 Optimise fertility

 Heal skin concerns

 Support those with Asthma (2yrs+)

 Reduce or completely heal eczema

 Heal PCOS and Endometriosis

 Reduce anxiety

 Prevent and reduce Postnatal Depression

 Navigate pregnancy and the fourth trimester

The Session

Step 1

You will receive:

• an intake form for your health history

• a little journal prompt to help you clarify your wishes, needs, and priorities

• optional (*recommended*): a journal space where you can keep track of your daily routine, meals, bathroom visits, and tongue readings which helps me optimise and further personalise your medicine.

Step 2

• 30-minute phone call for your Mind-Body Reading and Q&A's

Step 3

Your ceremonial-grade, bespoke herbal blend will land on your doorstep.

Recommended for

A preventative lifestyle free from or complementary to conventional medicine


After purchasing this offering you will be sent a link with my calendar so you can secure your timeslot. Alternatively, book your session directly through my calendar here.


This is a virtual session + a physical product shipped to your home

Prefer this in person? There are two options:

• Get in touch for available time slots at Cloud Twelve (2-5 Colville Mews, London W11 2DA)

• London-based families have the option to book a home visit at a £25 visitation charge