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The Birth Course that turns pregnancy, birth and the 4th Trimester into a sacred ritual

Move through pregnancy, labour, and the 4th Trimester with BLISS and balance, using Ayurveda's time-tested holistic self-care protocol and a touch of Western Herbalism.

With Personal Guidance from Deborah Rose

This is for you when you...

  • Believe in the interconnectedness between Mind, Body and Soul and want to weave this profound understanding into your Birth Prep and 4th Trimester.
  • Hope to make most out of your pregnancy: nurturing your baby's first home (your womb) before they are even born.
  • Want to connect to your baby before birth.
  • Like to deepen your relationship with your body and (re-) connect with your innate power to birth, nurse and raise your babe.
  • Want to be the mother who allows herself to fill her cup with luscious self-care before serving others.
  • Are open to Mother Earth's goodies (herbs, nutrition, breath, sound, aroma and touch) to help bring your baby Earth's Side.
  • Want to learn about deep healing, rejuvenation and bonding after birth.

*Please Note*

Birth with Ayurveda is fully booked until February '24. You can now claim your spot for enrolment after 01.02.24 by pre-ordering the course.

Course curriculum

••• What to expect? •••

Personal Guidance + tailored month-to-month plan

Because every birther is different, this course offers 1on1 guidance and a tailored month-to-month plan + an optional call if you've passed your due date. You will be personally guided by Deborah Rose, or a handpicked, certified Doula with additional Ayurvedic or/and Complementary Medicine Certifications.

A wealth of holistic birth knowledge, practices and workbooks | MP4, MP3 and PDF

In *addition* to the personalisation you will also have access to a comprehensive virtual library with nine hours worth of birth prep lessons, little embodied practices, DIY Body Work flows, your go-to prenatal Yoga sesh, and three workbooks.


Besides an in-depth practical birth preparation from a holistic point of view - working with what Mother Earth has made available to welcome your baby Earth's Side - you will also learn about *flirting with birth* in the last few weeks of your pregnancy, working with embodiment practices. This will allow for a smoother labour experience and transition into your next chapter of motherhood.

Birth Nidra

I (and Ayurveda) believe birth to be a spiritual experience. In addition to preparing your body, you will have the opportunity to prepare the mind with Birth Nidra - my tailored practice that combines the best of HYPNO BIRTH with the best of YOGA NIDRA so that you get lots of Alpha & Theta Wave exposure before labour, which will help you move in and out your altered state when it's time to birth.

Guidance beyond birth

Ayurveda does not treat labour as an isolated event - instead, birth is the "orgasm" after months of building up and the aftercare is SACRED. That is why this course covers all 4 trimesters.

For Doula's

This course is open to birthers and professional doulas alike. As a doula, you can use the 1on1 time to dive into how Ayurveda can enrich your offerings and birth work.

You've got this, mamma

You've got this, mamma ღ

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Early Birth with Ayurveda

ღ Tick your investment off the list all at once and save £'s at check-out (which you can spend on... baby's arrival, more self-care for you, or a baby carrier, just to name some ideas)

Birth with Ayurveda | Independent

ღ Access the immersive virtual library and dive into your birth course at your own pace, without my personal guidance.

ღ Feel like you're missing something? You can always add private Ayurvedic Guidance @ my virtual practice

ღ Full Transparency Note
The course includes 60 minutes of personal guidance + one optional guidance call when you go past your due date. To receive an equal amount of care, you would book in for Prenatal Bliss to get your Doshic Reading and foundational guidance, to which you can add this session for an in-depth month-to-month prenatal protocol. To talk about any steps you may want to take when you go past your due date, you can follow up with this session.

Birth with Ayurveda | 4 Trimester Plan

per month for 4 months
ღ Split your payment into 4. One payment for each trimester
ღ Installments will occur monthly
ღ Your content will be released in chapters