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Bespoke Birth Prep Treatment

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Upon purchase, you will receive a Dosha Test to help Deborah Rose tailor this treatment to your unique needs. Additionally, you will get journal prompts delivered to your inbox, to help you on your Birth Preparation journey. You may share your entries with Deborah for enhanced personalised treatment.

*Has your caregiver offered you a sweep? This massage benefits the process of induction as a whole. If you wish to include this treatment in your strategy to induce labour, you will receive specific DIY Techniques to continue the work at home.


This treatment is beneficial for expecting mammas from week 25 of gestation onwards. As part of your birth preparation, this treatment will optimise your energy flow from head-to-toe, and increase blood supply to your abdominal organs, uterus, and endocrine glands. Any personal concerns and imbalances will be addressed, too. While in deep relaxation, Deborah Rose will take you on a visualised meditation to plant the seeds of a positive birth outcome deeply in the fertile grounds of your subconsciousness.


Pregnant people. From week 25 of gestation until labour.


This can be offered in-studio across the following areas: Notting Hill, Belsize Park, Hampstead Heath, Wimbledon, or South Molton Street. Together we will agree on the best day, time, and location.

Prefer to receive the treatment from the comfort of your home? This can be arranged at a visitation fee of £50. It is wise to drop me a message at to see if I cover your area.


ღ The treatment is tailored to your unique Mind-Body Type (Dosha)

ღ Your massage is carried out with an oil that Deborah Rose has personally prepared for you. Each ingredient was handpicked to match your Dosha, and slow-cooked into a cold-pressed base oil.

ღ A ceremonial-grade herbal beverage or elixir will be served.


• Booking via this page confirms your treatment, after which I will share my calendar with you so you can find a convenient location, date, and time.

Because the herbalised oil may leave traces, I advise you to arrive in loose clothes and in underwear that is o.k. to get a little dirty. Please remove any jewelry upon arrival.

• I have disposable panties on site and any body parts I am not working on will always be covered with a blanket throughout the massage. However, you are welcome to keep your underwear or vest on.

• Prefer something less oily? This is all possible by working with infused floral water, or, even more neutral, by working on the marma points only. Please let me know in advance if this is something you fancy.

• Please arrive 10 minutes before the treatment so you can settle in. This allows us to make the most out of our time by starting on the dot.