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Ayurveda Mamma's Lifestyle Guidance

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£200 for comprehensive Dosha Test for each family member + 50-minute guidance call + 14 days virtual assistance


Hailing from ancient India, Āyurveda is drenched with practical self-care techniques to awaken the instinctual trust and love you need to raise your young. (PS: with regular nervous system resets).

Ayurveda Mamma's Lifestyle Sessions help you design a holistic routine that helps your family slow down, centered and in touch with Mother Earth and all her resources to help each family member thrive. Physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Your Takeaways

 Body reading and massage techniques that you can safely apply to yourself and loved ones.

 Cooking for the various mind-body types in your family

 Tools for optimal Gut Health

 Herbal remedies aligned with the season or your health history

 How to replace routine with rhythm to improve sleep, digestion, creativity, and productivity

 Breathwork and family-friendly meditation techniques

 Mindful habits, movement, and Yoga Nidra for all ages

 Healing Rituals and Ceremonies for your family

How it works

  1. After your booking, I will send you a Dosha Test for each family member. This is to help me understand the Mind-Body Types present in your family, along with any challenges.
  2. I will personally go over the results and ask any follow-up questions or pictures when a deeper exploration is needed.
  3. Meanwhile, you can take some time to reflect on how I can best serve you at this time and set one major goal for this offering. Ideas are: crafting an Ayurvedic meal planner for your family with all individual Doshas in mind, the art of medicinal cooking for your family, learning how to decode the subtle messages sent by your children's bodies, creating more calm and productivity by working with the Ayurvedic body clock, getting a preventative lifestyle in place using herbs and small mindful habits based on your medical history, massage techniques to soothe prevalent aches and pains.
  4. When all the boxes above are ticked (Dosha Test for each involved family member, Dosha Reading done by me, and your goals are crystal clear) I will start to prepare an in-depth, personalised protocol.
  5. When the protocol is ready, you'll get a link to my calendar so you can secure a 50-minute session where we will go over your protocol. We will adjust the protocol together, to ensure that it will work within the existing dynamics present in your day-to-day.
  6. You'll have my virtual assistance for the 14 days that follow so we can get any roadblocks out of the way.
  7. Once you're well on your journey, follow-ups are available for my existing clients at £59 for 30 minutes. You'll also be included in my secret e-mail list. This list receives seasonal self-care tips adjusted to each Dosha.


This is a virtual session.

Prefer this in person? There are two options:

• Get in touch for available time slots at Cloud Twelve (2-5 Colville Mews, London W11 2DA)

• London-based families have the option to book a home visit at a £25 visitation charge

Recommended for

Couples, mothers, fathers, caretakers, and the little ones, bigger ones, tweens, or teens in their care.