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Ayurveda for Parenthood

Turn parenting into a sacred ritual with the time-tested, holistic wisdom of Ayurveda. Hailing from ancient India, Ayurveda is drenched with practical selfcare techniques to awaken the instinctual trust and love you need for parenthood, starting with pregnancy, birth and postnatal healing.

Expect selfcare, nutrition, herbal remedies, bodywork techniques and a healthy dose of ritual to upgrade your day-to-day.

What to expect from my guidance?

A playful, 100% personalised, holistic protocol that consists of herbal medicine, self-care rituals, and nutrition ideas for you and your family along with breath work and family-friendly meditation techniques.

Start looking forward to being the living example in your home of how self-care keeps your cup full, whilst setting the tone for your family to feel held, safe in their bodies, and nurtured by Mother Earth.


As much as I love traditional Ayurveda and tailor everything to the individual Dosha's in your household - I also value a healthy relationship with reality, hence your unique situation and family dynamics will draw the lines for your well-being plan.

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